Info on Migraine - What Natural Therapies are There to Treat It?

Migraine - What Natural Therapies are There to Treat It?

Migraine - What Natural Therapies are There to Treat It?

by Kerris Samson

As many people have found who suffer from either a migraine or chronic headache, that they are not alone in the world in this respect. In fact a large proportion of the population across the globe suffers from such problems and a high percentage of them seem to be women.

Many people who have experienced either depression or anxiety or more than likely to wake up each morning suffering from a headache. It seems that depression and chronic pain seem to live side by side and you can't seem to have one without the other.

Many people who have been suffering with such symptoms are now looking at alternatives to the usual over the counter remedies being offered by their pharmacists and are turning to herbal therapy instead.

It seems that essential oils and aromatherapy are now helping to relieve some of the pain and provide comfort to migraine sufferers.

We will now look at Lavender one of the herbal fragrance whose particular properties are used to help naturally sooth ones body and mind. What the lavender does is that the aroma helps your muscles to relax which is a major cause of migraine pain. Lavender will also help to relieve any stiff that you have in your joints and this then in turn helps to relieve in chronic pain that you may be suffering. Also lavender has an antiseptic quality which even helps to repel insects.

Also you will find that lavender is only one of two essential oils that may directly applied to the skin without having to be diluted and therefore by simply applying a few drops of this essential oil to your temples when you feel either tension around your neck, head or shoulders may help to relax the muscles and any emotional tension you may feel which trigger the on set of a migraine attach.

Using a lavender eye pillow helps you to relax and the soothing aromatherapy qualities help to promote a more relaxed and restorative sleep as well.

However, you could try one that also includes flax seed, which provides a gentle weight across the brow, eyes, cheekbones and temples, which helps to eliminate light and applies gentle pressure and so provides relieve to the headache pain that you are suffering from. Plus flax seed is not for helping to reduce inflammation and puffiness around a persons eyes. The added benefit of a flax seed and lavender eye pillow is that it can be warmed up to help reduce a tension headache or it can be cooled to help with relieving a migraine headache.

A good way of dealing with the onset of a migraine attack is by laying in a cool quiet dark room and place a few drops of essential oil of lavender on the pillow and if you have one put an eye pillow in place. Both the cool pressure of the eye pillow and the aroma of the essential oil of lavender will help to bring relief to the migraine.

Kerris Samson a work from home mum now residing in Spain and who has spent a vast amount of researching the different ways for relieving pain. If you would like to know more please visit

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