Migraine Treatment

Conventional medicine can bring a lot of useful, tested treatment advice to a migraine sufferer. Presented below is a short video presentation of some of these time-tested remedies. In addition to the conventional, Western medicine approach, Eastern medicine has also been found to be effective in treating a migraine headache. Refer to the article on Eastern approaches to Migraine treatment, which has a useful video introduction to this approach to migraine treatment.

There are a wide variety of migraine treatments. A partial list of remedies includes:
aspirin or acetomenophin
triptan medications
magnetic therapy
quiet time in a dark room
a narcotic injection
relaxation techniques
herbs such as feverfew or butterbur root
chiropractic therapy
anti-seizure drugs
consuming healthy foods

Migraine headache intensity varies from one individual to the next, and no single migraine treatment currently exists.
Info and Articles on Migraine Treatment

Stopping Migraine Headaches: The ABCs of Treatment
More than 90% of people with migraines experience some disability related to their headaches. If you're one of them, you know how high a price you pay: missing school, work, and enjoyable activities, not to mention enduring hours or days of incapacitating pain. Fortunately, there are effective ways to abort a migraine. The first step—if you haven't already done so—is to have your migraines diagnosed by a doctor. Less than 60% of people have. Some effective abortive treatments are available only by prescription, so you may be enduring needless pain by not seeing a doctor. Start keeping a headache journal. Make sure to identify the activities you miss because of migraines. Doctors are more likely to prescribe specific and effective treatments if they're aware that your headaches prevent you from continuing your typical activities. Effective strategies for treating migraines vary from person to person.

Preventing and Treating Migraines Without Medications
A variety of noninvasive and non-pharmaceutical strategies can help reduce the frequency and severity of migraine pain. Eyestrain is a well-known trigger for migraines. If you haven't visited an optometrist or ophthalmologist recently, make an appointment to have your eyes checked and your prescription updated for your eyeglasses or contact lenses.

Preventing Migraine Headaches
Estimates are that 18% of women and 6% of men suffer from migraine headaches. But fewer than half of people with migraines use preventive migraine treatments to reduce the frequency of headaches. Preventive therapy—also called migraine prophylaxis—can reduce the number of headaches by at least 50%, as well as reducing their severity

Natural Migraine Remedies
A 2009 article in the Clinical Journal of Pain identified several strategies for using home, natural, and dietary remedies to reduce the frequency and intensity of migraine headaches. The first natural cure for migraine headaches everyone should consider is identifying and avoiding dietary triggers. Using a detailed dietary log can identify if one or more several likely substances are bringing on migraine headaches. These include ...

Migraine Treatment
People who suffer from the migraine headaches feel like this problem is impairing their strength and vitality. Sometimes it is too frustrating when all the migraine treatments you are using or have used fail to relieve you of the problem. The starting symptoms of migraine headaches are generally the spots, sensitivity to light, smells, or sounds, feeling dizzy or nauseated etc. At that time most of you want to stick up in your bed in a dark room with no light and sound to disturb you. You feel dizziness to the extent that you are unable to perform at work, school and even at home.

Migraine Headaches - Eight Prevention Steps
Anyone who has experienced a migraine headache knows how debilitating they can be. Migraine headaches are characterized by extreme pain and pressure, usually over one eye or concentrated on one side of the head; sometimes they are accompanied by nausea and sensitivity to light. An episode can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, and render a person incapable of functioning.

Migraine Prevention Is Part Of The Cure
Migraine headaches are different then a standard stress or tension headache. You can describe headaches in groups or primary and secondary group types. Headaches are described as being either primary or secondary. Primary headaches include migraine, cluster headache, chronic daily headache, tension-type headache, and medication overuse headache

Migraine Headaches - 5 Methods to Relieve Them Naturally!
There are many new migraine headache treatments available that can be both safe and effective. Natural treatments for migraine headaches are usually safer and cheaper than traditional pain medications. And in many instances they can relieve pain just as well or even better than prescription or non-prescription drugs. The possibility of a negative reaction to a safe and natural migraine headache treatment is still there, but it is less with most natural treatment methods than it is with pain-relieving medications.

Can Magnetic Therapy Really Relieve Migraine Headaches?
A migraine is a type of headache that's often severe. Although any head pain can be miserable, migraines are often disabling. In about 15 percent of cases, these painful headaches are preceded by a sensory warning sign (aura), such as flashes of light, blind spots or tingling in your arm or leg. Migraines are also often accompanied by other symptoms, such as nausea, vomiting and extreme sensitivity to light and sound. Migraine pain can be excruciating and may incapacitate you for hours or even days. Fortunately, migraine pain management has improved dramatically in the last decade.

3 Natural Cures For A Migraine Headache
Only a migraine sufferer understands the pain. Regardless of how the migraine starts the end result is the same - excrutiating pain that renders you helpless. Walking hurts, breathing hurts. Even thinking hurts. People often discount migraines without any true understanding of the suffering a migraine can inflict. They treat migraine sufferers like hypochondriacs or drama queens. This is simply not so.

Migraine Headaches - Effective Natural Treatment Methods!
Headaches are comprised of two major categories, primary and secondary. Headaches belonging to the primary group are not caused by underlying medical conditions while secondary headaches are the result of a medical condition such as trauma, infection or possibly even a brain tumor. Most headaches belong in the primary category.

Migraine Relief
The most common over the counter and prescription drugs used to treat both tension headaches as well as migraine headaches are aspirin, acetaminophen (Tylenol is the best example), ibuprofen (Motrin or Advil are commonly known ibuprofen brands,) or naproxen.

Tame Migraine Headaches - Naturally
New data revealed June 27, 2006 at the 48th Annual Scientific Meeting of the American Headache Society, migraine headaches cost American employers more than $24 billion a year in direct and indirect healthcare costs and lost productivity.

Riboflavin for Migraine Headache Relief
Supplementing with relatively small amounts of riboflavin (vitamin B2) may reduce the severity and frequency of migraines in chronic sufferers, reports a study in Headache (2004;44:885–90). Previous studies showing that riboflavin can prevent migraines used 400 mg per day, which is at least 200 times the amount in a typical diet. In the new study, 25 mg per day appeared to be effective.

Migraine - What Natural Therapies are There to Treat It?
As many people have found who suffer from either a migraine or chronic headache, that they are not alone in the world in this respect. In fact a large proportion of the population across the globe suffers from such problems and a high percentage of them seem to be women.

  • What is butterbur?
  • Why is butterbur a natural migraine treatment?
  • How much butterbur do you need to take as a natural migraine treatment?

How To Relieve Migraine Headache Effectively?

Migraine headache is yet to get a perfect remedial measure. Still, a number of ways are found to be effective in curing migraine. Here is your one stop guide to migraine headache relief.

Various Types of Migraines
Various types of migraine are abdominal, basilar, complicated, hemiplegic, nocturnal, and cyclic migraine syndrome.

Abdominal migraine is also known as periodic syndrome which is common among children...

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