About Us - Why Top Migraine Remedy Attempts to lay out the best Migraine help out there

We began TopMigraineRemedy.com with the intent to provide an effective resource for those suffering from the pain of migraine headaches. This is not just an academic exercise for us. We also suffer from these headaches, and part of the work setting up the web site is to organize our information for quick lookup in case of an acute migraine attack. Migraines can lead to serious complications in some cases. Rather than just ignore a severe migraine attck, we present some effective remedies to use at home. Migraines are qualitatively different than a typical headache. They need to be recognized as being a serious physiological disturbance.

This information is culled from a variety of sources. The webmaster has experience as a research scientist for a state health research laboratory, and has a Ph.D. degree in biophysics.

Please feel free to email us with your comments, questions and suggestions at info@TopMigraineRemedy.com.

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